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HAITI: FLOODS OF 2008 (click here to view gallery >>)
I have just returned from my latest trip as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.  These are the grim realities for the people of Haiti, just one hour from the shores of the United States. Click to view photos >>

KALMA ATTACK (click here to view gallery >>)

Disclaimer: You will find the images in the "Kalma Attack" gallery
disturbing and beyond human comprehension;
this gallery is not for young children.

They are photographs of some of the victims of the attack on Kalma camp. The photographs are horriffic and very difficult to look at. But I place them here because I feel it should not be easy to turn away. The images may return in your nightmares, but this is the reality for Darfur's people. The Kalma attack is described in this article I wrote with Eric Reeves, for the Wall St Journal -- click here to read the editorial . Since then, a second camp has been attacked-Zamzam. Click to view photos >>

DARFUR (click here to view gallery >>)
I first visited Darfur in 2004, during the peak of the slaughter of the civilian population and the rampant destruction of their homes...By 2006 80—90 percent of Darfur's villages were ashes. 2,5 million people had fled into wretched camps across Darfur and eastern Chad. Click to view photos >>

EASTERN CHAD (click here to view gallery >>)
Eventually it became impossible to think of Darfur without including eastern Chad. A quarter of a million Darfuris fled across the completely porous border seeking safety in Chad. Chadian villages struggled to absorb the huge numbers of refugees. Then, in November  2006 Darfur’s  Janjaweed crossed into Chad to burn 60 non-Arab Chadian villages.  Thousands of Chadians were homeless and wounded. Click to view photos >>

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC (CAR) (click here to view gallery >>)
Just look at the map. Sudan shares a border with the Central African Republic. But only some of the problems of CAR are related to Darfur. Cross currents of armed groups are tearing this country apart.  I think the people of CAR are the most abandoned in the world. Click to view photos >>

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All people are welcome to use any of my photographs from this site. I hope you will take them to your temples, churches and mosques; take them into your schools and your communities. Show them to your families and your friends.  Use them to help people understand what is happening to the people of Darfur and eastern Chad.
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